We Rescue the Rescuers Program

Every month, we donate food and pet supplies to more than 1,000 homeless animals in rescues and shelters in California and throughout the United States and Mexico. We also donate to wildlife sanctuaries, rabbit, wolf, bird, and even reptile rescues.

OBOL donates food, treats, blankets, towels, pet beds, leashes, collars, harnesses, crates, carriers, toys, clothes, cat trees, litter, shampoo, and other supplies.

ATTENTION: Rescues and shelters in need of pet food and supplies

Click here or call or text 818-402-6584 to find out how OBOL can help you.

OBOL Helps During Natural Disasters

During natural disasters like fires, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes, we are on emergency call to donate food, crates, blankets and other supplies for the displaced animals in rescue groups and for the pet owners in CA, across the USA, and internationally.

Natural disasters can happen anytime. Many dogs and cats will need emergency rescue, and OBOL must be ready. Only with your financial support will be able to be makes our preparedness possible.

Please support rescue and relief efforts by donating today. Your gift today will ensure that we can continue to answer the SOS calls for the animals that are in need. Thanking you in advance for your contribution to our lifesaving efforts.