Pets of the Homeless

We are one of the few organizations assisting homeless pet owners by helping their pets. OBOL is successfully reaching out on a weekly basis to neighborhoods with high homelessness rates.

OBOL donates nutritious food, blankets, pet beds, leashes, collars, harnesses, toys, pet clothes, and other critical supplies to keep pets of the homeless happy and healthy, thus allowing them to stay with their loving, human companions rather than being relinquished to overpopulated shelters with high euthanasia rates.

No homeless person should have their pets taken away because they can’t afford the necessary supplies for their pets’ survival. No pets should go hungry, be uncomfortable, or suffer.

Every month OBOL has a direct outreach to 200+ homeless people

  • Six transitional shelters in the Greater Los Angeles Area where the homeless can live with their pet(s);
  • Homeless who live on the streets with their pets that are individuals, families, disabled, mentally ill, veterans, seniors and teens;
  • Nine organizations that have special programs for the homeless and low-income people and find out they live with their pet(s), but they do not have any pet supplies. As a result, they come to OBOL to get donated dog & cat food, treats, blankets, pet beds, leashes, collars, harnesses and more for their companion(s);
  • Veterans who live with their pet(s)on the streets and all veterans with pets including their service dog;
  • Homeless Connect Day in low-income communities to donate to the homeless people for their pet(s);
  • Meals on Wheels for the seniors who live with their pets.

OBOL also maintains a hotline for:

  • Homeless people who call us for contact information on transitional shelters where they are allowed to live temporarily with their pet(s).
  • Homeless people to get low-cost spay and neuter and medical treatments for their dog(s) and cat(s).